Providing hope by filling both physical, emotional and spiritual needs.


Creating community through meaningful relationships.


Finding purpose in serving others .


To positively uplift the lives of underreached individuals with physical and neurological disabilities and their families through programs targeted to improve quality of life emotionally, socially, and physically.

We believe people with disabilities should be ABLE to continue their recovery  in an environment that feels comfortable and welcoming. They should also be ABLE to GROW in fellowship with their brethren and not be isolated because of their circumstances. Finally, they should be ABLE to SERVE their community with their gifts and talents.

1 IN 4

One in four Americans live with a disability.


said their disability caused them emotional and psychological problems like anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts.

The Able Faith Center is now open!

The ABLE Faith Center is here! The center houses our operations and provides resources like adaptive strength training, adaptive life skills development, caregiver respite, and job skills development. Contact us today to schedule your visit!

 We are ABLE!


Able Faith has many great ways for you to get plugged in with more to come! Our goal is to offer comfortable environments to learn the Gospel, grow in fellowship, and serve in the community.

For more information on these or other programs email info@ablefaith.org.

Online Bible Studies

are uniquely designed for people with physical disabilities and those impacted (caregivers, family, and friends). Transportation is an obstacle keeping our community from attending traditional church services. Online bible studies remove the need for transportation and make them convenient to watch at their convenience, increasing the odds of hearing the “GOOD NEWS” of the Gospel. 

Respite Dinners

give caregivers a night off from shopping for groceries, cooking, and washing dishes and allows for some much-needed “me” time by providing a 3-course chef-prepared dinner. Dinners are family-style, including a bread option, salad, entrée, starch, vegetable, and dessert with choice of sweet tea or lemonade. Meals created by ChefNIC & Company https://www.chefnic.com

Fellowship Lunches

combat the isolation that people with physical disabilities and their caregivers can experience from not connecting with others in the community. The lunches provide opportunities to have fellowship with others who can empathize with their circumstances and build lasting relationships to help encourage one another.

Social Outings

are opportunities for members to increase courage and build confidence to go out in public as a group and overcome the fear of social stigmas that come from having a physical disability.

Quality of Life Grants

are for people in our community struggling to pay for necessary expenses, including but not limited to medical supplies, adaptive medical equipment, or unexpected events. (Eligibility requirements apply.)

Virtual Small Groups

help build spiritual community with others who can empathize with having a disability or caring for someone with a disability by discussing the bible studies. The small groups being virtual removes the barriers of not having transportation or living far from the group.


Here’s how God is working in the lives of some of our participants:

After years of fighting off depression following his injury “Big Tex” went to the LORD for strength and freedom from that bondage. He finally felt a peace, which transcends all understanding, and he decided to shine the LORD’s light. People ask him all the time how is he so happy and encouraged while he is stuck in a wheelchair? He responds, “let me tell you my unbelievable story and introduce you to my strength, my faith in JESUS!”

“Big Tex”

paralyzed from bulging disc 

Lacy has been paralyzed from the waist down for 12yrs, is the mom of an infant, and works as a hairdresser in her wheelchair! Her FAITH is strong. Her favorite verse is Psalm 61:2 “because it reminds me with the life I was chosen to live the past 12 years even though it’s overwhelming hard and all around sucks if you pray cry and lay it at his feet he will always bring you out of it might not be the way you want but his plan is always the right plan and there’s a reason for everything !”


paralyzed from waist down

I’m glad I was able to join tonight, I really enjoyed it even though I didn’t share or contribute. It was good to see the format. I will definitely make it a point to join from now on. I think it’s definitely helpful. It’s good to know you’re not alone… Thank you! 



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