Jose Guadalupe Martinez

Executive Director, Co-founder

While working for more than a decade as a personal trainer for people with disabilities, Jose Martinez developed a passion for helping his clients become more independent and improve their quality of life. He noticed those families that had a healthy support system and faith in the Lord had a better outlook on life.That is why ABLE Faith was founded—to provide community and support for people with disabilities and their loved ones to grow in faith. Jose is inspired by helping others see the light of Jesus by random and intentional acts of kindness.

 A native of Houston, Jose lives in Allen, Texas, with his wife and two children. An avid sports enthusiast, Jose began collecting athletic sneakers when his parents bought him his first pair of basketball shoes in 1992. He wears his collection, unlike most collectors, but has been known to give pairs away to people who appreciate them as much as he does. 

 Jose graduated from the University of Houston – Clear Lakewith a Bachelor of Science in Health and Human Performance.

Riley Sprowl

Co-Founder and Director of Operations

Riley Sprowl is from a small Texas town called Van Alstyne and he knows firsthand the challenges of living with a disability. On December 11, 2013, Riley experienced a sledding accident that injured his C4-C5 vertebrae. The damage to his spinal cord left him paralyzed below the neck. Riley was blessed to have the necessary resources, including his growing relationship with the Christian faith, to help him overcome the struggles of living with a spinal cord injury (SCI). Unfortunately, not everyone has such an opportunity. For this reason, Riley and his good friend Jose wanted to create a non-profit foundation to help improve the quality of life—both spiritually and physically—for individuals living with disabilities and, so, ABLE Faith was born. When not helping people in need, Riley is working toward getting a degree in Integrated Studies at the University of North Texas.

Chris McLaughlin

Communications Director

On April 20, 2019, Chris McLaughlin was in a car wreck where his car rolled over, resulting in an injury to his spinal cord. Before the accident, Chris was very involved in multiple ministries—as the creative director at his church, working with young people, and witnessing to men in prisons in Kenya. Since his injury, Chris has focused on his recovery and relearning how to pursue his aims of interacting with people and rejoining ministry work. 

When Chris heard about ABLE Faith, he was excited to join its mission to share the gospel to people with disabilities. He saw the huge need for such a focus and knows personally some of the difficulties that come with a disability. As he continues to recover, he wants to offer hope to families in similar situations by sharing his testimony and his faith in the Lord.  

Chris works out multiple days a week, getting stronger and more function back each day. He loves spending time with his wife and three kids. He likes collecting movie memorabilia and enjoys art, film, and photography. 

Chris is from Guthrie, Oklahoma. A graduate of Oklahoma State University, he has a degree in Graphic Design.  

Bethany Brown

Director of Development

Bethany Brown began serving at a young age. When Bethany visited her grandmother in Arizona during the summers as a child, they would volunteer at the food pantry every day. Formiddle school, she attended TH Rogers, a school serving gifted and talented children, the deaf and hard of hearing, and students with multiple impairments, where she began helping in the deaf community. She tutored math classes for deaf students and, on Sundays, interpreted church services. Bethany is passionate about helping people, and like Marian Wright Edelman, believes, “Service is the rent we pay for living.”

Bethany has served in ministry her entire life, most recently in the women’s ministry for the past eight years. She began her journey serving individuals with disabilities a few years ago,when working with patients and families with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA). She is honored to be part of the ABLE Faith Ministries mission to normalize disabilities, and even more blessed to be able to foster a community of hope and faith through God’s Word.

In her spare time, Bethany enjoys hanging out with her husband and two children. She is an avid Peloton rider and (pre-COVID)loves to travel.

Emma Repass

Social Media Manager

Emma Repass is inspired by helping people find strength within themselves through accountability. When someone identifiessomething about themselves that makes them feel vulnerable, they give themselves permission to  be vulnerable and to use those feelings to overcome the vulnerability, hold themselves accountable, and create a stronger foundation within. Emma tries her best to give herself permission to be vulnerable and helps create a safe place for others to do the same, so they can grow together.  

Emma chose to become part of Able Faith because she feels it is important to raise awareness about our communityof people with disabilities and open the world’s eyes to what everyone is are capable of if they just take the time to understand each other. In this day and age, social media can reach anyone with internet access and a screen. Emma wants to capitalize on that. She feels like that’s where her talents lie—and where she can best serve ABle Faith.

Born and raised in Texas, Emma graduated from Texas Christian University (TCU). She enjoys rooting for the TCU Horned Frogs and the Pittsburgh Steelers, doing yoga and stand up paddleboarding, traveling, and spending time with her husband and their Labrador Retriever, Draco.

Donishea Martinez

Nonprofit Advisor

Bio coming soon.